The Way To Inner Peace

The cry these days is to go on a soul search. But, what they usually tell us to search for is ourselves, inner peace, or potential that lies hidden within us. The whole process, no matter how eloquently they talk of connecting us to the power of the universe, is still merely worshipping ourselves. The problem with focusing our energies and our time on ourselves is that we are looking completely in the wrong direction. We can search our hearts, but instead of doing it to get more things for ourselves, we should do it to get more of the Lord. We would find endlessly more peace, strength, and unlimited power if we would only look to the only One who has control of such things and wants to share them with us. If we would learn the secret of emptying ourselves of us, but with the determined end of finding the Spirit of God and making room in us for Him, then we would begin to experience true peace. The Source of all wisdom and power, love and goodness, is only prayers away from any of us at any time. Let us become experts in finding the Lord and walking with Him each day!


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