Truly Honoring God

There is a lot of flattery in much of our religion these days. We throw big words around with the pretense of honoring God with them. Yet while our hearts are still held far from Him, our flowery words do little good for either our faith or our standing with God. We may look religious to those around us who hear. But, we are only fooling ourselves and worse yet, trying to fool God. It is insane because He sees the intentions of our hearts. He has not called us to give only a part of our heart to Him, nor these half-hearts. Those who would like to see our Lord truly honored should examine the sincerity of our hearts. We might want to bow before our God and repent. We should seek a state of heart that needs His grace, His forgiveness, and His mercy. We should hunger and thirst. Let us take up our Bibles. Let us study the sermons our Savior gave. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to walk us through the Sermon On the Mount. Let us ask Christ to turn our worldly hearts and minds to ones that will seek Him in earnest. It is time that the Children of God come to Him without any trace of flattery and expose our hearts to Him for healing. If we do, He will reward us by moving powerfully in our lives!

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