The Holy Spirit Filling Us

The accounts of common people like us being filled with the Spirit of God should drive us to seek to have the same experience. When we hear of how God can come into humble hearts and move in powerful ways, our own souls should leap up with joy and yearn desperately to have Him come to us too. Those who have stepped close enough to the Lord will testify that no other sensation on earth could possibly compare. All the limits that we had previously thought existed are wiped away in an instant. They may creep back in as time goes by and the world crowds out the memory. But, being visited by the Holy Spirit is such a frightening and exhilarating experience, that our souls will know they could never possibly contain Him. The human heart that has had the Holy Spirit poured into it will never be the same again. An intense love will be growing there. Our eyes will open to see more miracles all the time and the movement of God will become more clearly seen as the souls continue to yield to the Spirit´s direction. However, unless we get it into our heads and hearts that the Holy Spirit living in us in increasing degrees is a necessity, we will never seek to have Him there!

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