In Us Too

There is a secret trick to being filled with the Holy Spirit that is being overlooked in our day. In our zeal for religion, our beliefs, and our busy schedules, we forget that nobody has ever been filled by the Holy Ghost that has not emptied their hearts of all this until there was room for Him. The deepest and most significant part of our beings must need God more than we need anything else. When we seek the presence of the Lord more than we seek our other lesser goals, He is pleased to come in and take up residence within our hearts. We try to tell our hearts that they need Him and often fool ourselves into believing our little lies. But, if we would make it important enough to us to see the work done and our hearts swept clean. That empty heart will become a vacuum into which the Holy Spirit will be happy to fill. Let us begin today. Let us prepare these hearts. Let us turn from our ways and make room for the Holy Spirit in our hearts, our desires, and our lives! When God finds hearts that truly want Him and are willing to turn and seek Him in earnest, He will be happy to come in and make His home with us!

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