The Spirit Will Come

The blissful visitation of the Divine that comes into our souls can only happen to those of us who choose to suffer like our Savior Jesus Christ. These are willing to be looked down upon by the rest of humanity who only live for this world. We would choose to accept the contempt and the oppression that will surely come to those who refuse to set their hearts on anything lower than our God above. We watch as the world falls further away from Him. Good is swiftly becoming bad. Heros are now the villains. Worrying about someone´s eternal fate is considered an attack on their freedom of thought. And, sharing hope in a Savior who loves us has become a crime. The world has turned against all that looks to Heaven and the Divine. The upside of this tragic state is that Christ is coming soon and anyone who would still turn to Him can receive His Spirit. Look for Him, make room in these hearts and lives, and the Holy Spirit will still come to those who will put their hope in Him!

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