One Favor Lord

We could go our whole lives and never question where we truly stand with the Lord. This is especially true if we are religious and have our beliefs well defined. The enemy has many tricks and one of his secret weapons is to fool us into sitting back comfortably happy with our religious choices. It does not matter if we are the highest respected religious leader or the most notorious criminal, we all need the Spirit of God to come in and turn our hearts into the place where He can be always. This means that much care and attention needs to be given to cultivating our relationship with the Lord. We must walk with Him through each decision of every day and practice including Him in our daily lives. Nobody can afford the luxury of blundering forward on their own. If Christ is not here in this with us at this and every moment, we could get closer to Him. So, when we pray, let us ask for a great burden to be living every second of our day in communion with the Lord. That way the whole universe will see it and praise God forever!

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