On Guard

There is a dangerous lie out there that threatens the spiritual health of every child of God. It is that we are safe once we have claimed Christ as our Savior. The notion is true when we are effectively with Him, but the threat is serious whenever we are not. We are in more trouble than before we were ever saved. We sit back in confidence in our choices and may never realize that we are under attack. The enemy hates us more now that we have taken sides with God than when we belonged to our world. The deception is twice as hard to see because we do not want to accept that we are not already as close to the Lord as we should be. So, we go along with the lie. How can we see our predicament and assure our souls of ending up at Christ´s side? We should pray hard each day and reject any temptation to sit back and congratulate ourselves! Then we should work diligently to increase our hunger and thirst for the Lord. More of Him in our hearts and our lives should become our greatest desire! Press on little flock, press on!


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