Each Breath

We are ungrateful creatures. We struggle to give credit to others for what they have done but cry out for recognition for anything that we do. This is sad when we do it to those around us. However, when we do it to a loving God who has forever been working only for our good, it is a crime. There are individuals who have suffered some kind of complication and have learned the hard way that we should all give thanks for each breath we get. Sadly though, most of us just take for granted that our lungs fill and exhale continually without thought or praise. The One who formed us also formulated a plan to forgive us for our oversights and stubbornness. He calls out constantly for us to come and learn to walk along with Him taking each breath there together. Let us learn the finest joys and pleasures by giving God what He deserves, and that is, for us to be with Him always!


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