Our Rightful God

We think wrongly and we do the Lord a great injustice when we make it look like God can only be our ruler if we so choose. When we choose to believe in God, the only thing we do is place ourselves in a position where we can be instructed and healed from ever thinking we had any real power of our own. Mankind is in grave danger of missing out on our true inheritance because we think that we do not owe anything to our Creator. This gift that we call life is a lot more profound than we give it credit for. It has everlasting potential. To this, we owe not only our hearts for this life we have been given on earth. We owe Him everything! Let us turn to God, ask for forgiveness from our arrogance, and then set out to learn as much of His mystery and love as we possibly can. We owe Him our souls and it will go well for those who see that He has every right to be the One we worship forever!


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