When Christ Was Here

We hear it all the time and are even guilty of saying it sometimes. We talk about the times when Jesus walked the face of the earth. He has left our scene in His physical body, it is true. But, He promised never to leave us or forsake us. Our Savior has not turned His back on us, so let´s not turn ours on Him. The power of the Bible is that its words are spiritual and eternal. This means that they go way beyond any current scene and actually tie all things together in our mysterious Creator and God. It also means that the Lord is not further from us than He has been at any other time in history. We might be far from Him in certain ways, but the term deserves more contemplation. We can only be far from God in our hearts because God is EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME! The next time we are tempted to talk about Christ as if He is not here with us, let us check ourselves and try to bring our hearts around to letting Him share this moment with us now!


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