Our Place In Life

The sea of humanity is restless and without any real peace. Everyone struggles to find their place in society, the world, and in their own souls. This bottomless pit that we strive to fill does have a cure, but it is not in any of the ways which we usually try. Our hearts, or better called our souls, will never know anything close to assurance until they have been filled with what has been removed from that empty space. We are spiritual creatures in essence even though we have physical bodies. Just like our physical body does not live without the spark of life in us, our spirit does not live to its intended healthy state without the presence of God´s Spirit. If we can tune ourselves to the Holy Spirit, if we could seek Him until He comes and fills us, then we will know peace. We have little business disputing the more technical sides of religion until we have first learned to walk personally with our Savior whom we know intimately.

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