Spiritual Response

There comes a moment when religious notions take on a whole new meaning. It is when whatever we have heard of the Lord sinks in deep enough and our hearts begin to wake up to His presence. It takes some knowledge of His existence, but thankfully not much! Once our souls recognize that God is near, all we have to do is to cultivate our heart´s yearning for Him. The further we yield to our hunger and thirst after our Savior, the greater experience we stand to have with Him. Our eyes become ever more open to seeing how near and how concerned He is with everything about us. Respectively, we can our worries and cares as our focus shifts from us to Him. Moments spent in the presence of the Lord will more than repay any effort it took us to get there. However, the real joy comes when we learn the secret of recognizing and responding to the movement of God. Then we will share the most thrilling relationship of our lives as we discover daily the wonders of walking with our Lord.


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