Start With A Walk

The trend is to listen to other supposedly “experts” who would happily tell us what to do and what to think. They can give endless advice on everything under the sun. But it does not have to be this way. There is a different Way! His name is Jesus. If we would like to get to know Him, we do not need the experts. We can go to Him today. We can look for Him right now. We do not need instructions. He is here. He is waiting and watching for a moment where we will open towards His movement in our lives. He is probably whispering to us in our ears as we speak. If we tune ourselves to Him, we can begin to learn from Him. What He has to teach us is spiritual. It is life. It is something so wonderful that human instruction cannot touch. Turn to Christ, look for Him, and He will be found by us if we do. Each moment we spend with our thoughts and our hearts turned towards the Lord, He will finally be able to demonstrate His presence in our lives. A walk begins. One with our God and us. Where it leads, no man can say. But we can be sure that it never needs to end. Enjoy the journey!

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