Who Cares

If we could get still and quiet enough, we could learn from our hearts what it is that we need. We need the Savior. We need our God. We all need to know that we are cared for and loved. We need to know that Someone is here for us. God is here! The Spirit is looking for a moment and a way to enter into our hearts and fill us with everything we have ever lacked. He wants to reassure us and show us where our strength truly comes from. Surprisingly the strength will come from One far greater than us. By coming to know and walking with the Lord, we will receive all that we have heard we should. But, it takes a response from us if we want to get to know the One who cares for us. We may have to set aside our agendas, but when we do, we stand to gain the best Friend anyone could ever have. Turn to Christ, seek Him with our whole hearts, and we will come to know the One Who cares the most about us!


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