The Tragedy Of Rejecting God

Some good people take a look at religion in our day and choose one of the more current views of whether or not to open their hearts towards God. They look at the modern-day Christian and see their faults. They look at the stubborn position religious people take over doctrines and beliefs and weigh it with how they understand how the universe works. Some of them may even have had painful experiences at the hands of churchgoers and want no part with God because of it. If we consider the matter further, we might even be able to sympathize with them for their position. The problem is that they are placing all their cards on their freedom of choice, and in so doing, may miss out on ever knowing the Wonder that our God truly is. A relationship with Him is what religion should bring us all to. Because they cannot see, they choose never to see at all. If they, and the churchgoers who drove them to their choice, could only come to know the Lord a bit more, they would discover a marvelous and mysterious God that is well worth dropping everything to find. He could heal us all!


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