Get That

It is a common thing to say these days that we get it. People throw it out whenever they feel like they understand a point or catch the direction whoever they are talking to is trying to go. It happens to be a very useful expression and comes in handy. We might even be surprised to see how much people use it. However, like all things that come out of our mouths, it is good to search into how it relates to our relationship with our Heavenly Father. If we bring each thought and every tendency of our heart to Him, God will be happy to give us insight and instruction that will eternally benefit our walk with Him. If we bring a statement like “I get it,” to the Lord, He is already helping us “get Him!” Getting more of God´s Spirit in us draws us closer to our Savior and to all that is good for us. Let us strive to “get Christ,” so that He will be with us always!


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