So Closely

Everyone alive has moments of indecision or doubts. Some hide it better than others and some you would think never struggle to know which way to handle things. There is a way that we can walk with confidence. He is called The Way! He is our Savior and He has gone farther than we know to show us how much He cares and how involved He wants to be in every decision we make in life. When we try to handle life´s ups and downs alone, we are only rejecting His counsel and assistance. But if we turn to Him, take everything to Him, and ask for Him to lead each step, He will walk with us through it all. The more closely we walk through our day with the Lord, the more powerfully He can move in our lives. The more of God that we bring into each of life´s moments, the clearer we will hear His guidance, and the more we will sense His presence with us all the time.


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