No Limits

When we think that God cannot or will not move in our day, we are effectively closing the door on our chances of Him doing it. It may sound harsh, but it is true. If we would like to see God´s mighty hand at work in and around us, we need to start with an attitude that will make things happen. Any negative, doubting, limiting thoughts or notions will not work. We will need to draw near the Lord and ask for His help in walking us through this hurdle in our faith. Once we start to see that there are no limitations to our God other than the ones we place there by our insufficient trust, much ground can be gained. We can work along with the Holy Spirit to remove the barriers that divide our physical world and the infinite realms where God lives. When we break into the presence of God and become aware of even the tiniest portion of what He can do, the limits of our reality will crumble pitifully away! Let´s step closer to the almighty, all-wise, and limitless God, and let the miracles begin!


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