Reach For God

Whoever or wherever we are, we can still grow a little closer to the Lord and lean on Him more. There are a lot of people who go to church or call themselves Christians, but they do not feel any urgency to walk with Him throughout their day. They are content to turn their attention towards their God on the day they attend a meeting or for some allotted devotional break. However, what Christ has called us to and what the Spirit whispers to our hearts is something much more constant and infinitely more intense. Hunger and thirst are words that describe what the true children of God will have. These precious few, ache to be with their Savior. They find that they are lost without Him. They search for Him when there seems to be some distance that is creeping in between us. Let our hearts be consumed with our need to be right where our Lord is, that is where He has always wanted us to be too!


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