Need The Lord First

Some days it is just hard to get out of bed and off to the tasks at hand. We need help to give us that impulse and drive to get us going. If you are a coffee drinker, you might not even be able to open your eyes fully until you get your first cup. Well, there is something that we all need each morning way before we ever even start thinking of a steaming cup. That is the Lord who has given us the heart that beats within our chest and the air that our lungs fill with constantly. While we slept, He was watching over us. He has been doing this since before we were babies. All that we will face throughout our days, He has plans for and wants to walk through it all with us. He will be our strength. He can get us to that cup we so desperately crave. He will be there for us for everything that comes after it too. So let us learn to let our hearts go out to God even before we are awake enough to be called humans each morning!


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