The Good That Bad Brings

How many times and in how many ways have we suffered some kind of struggle or strife in our lives only to gain some blessing from God through our misfortune? It happens all the time. Something bad happens to us and we take it to the Lord in prayer. Within His providence and grace, He finds a way to turn the situation around somehow and we receive more than we imagined was possible. For example, losing a loved one might be followed by the arrival of a birth or some new addition to the family. Losing a job could be the road to a new life, and so on. This is just one of God´s mysterious ways. If we learn to take each trial and every bad thing that confronts us to Him, some kind of blessing will come of it. Even if the blessing we receive through our trials is simply a greater trust or a closer walk with the Lord, it will make us everlastingly better and happier people as we gain our Savior! So let´s pray that we take the bad and ask the Lord to use it for His good!


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