Human Wisdom

The magical and mysterious God who formed us and has loved us from before the foundations of the world calls mankind unto Him. He showers us with gifts, giving us life, health, wisdom, and the freedom of choice. We take His gifts whether we think about it or not. What we do with the privileges given to us either draws us closer to Him or takes us further from Him. We have a responsibility unto the Giver of All Things even though we live in an age that as a whole is trying to forget responsibility. When it comes to our ability to think, reason, and choose, these areas hold the mighty potential to place us right where He is. They can usher us into His presence if we use our thoughts right and create a bond between the Lord and us that nothing in all the universe will ever take away. However, when we use our smarts to our own ends, we are not helping our relationship with God. We would be better off being simple-minded people who walk closely with our Savior than being proud and clever ones who let distance creep between us.


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