Driven To Our Knees

We all go through tough times that put us to the test and drive us to our knees. These times, although painful, place us right where we need to be to stop trusting in ourselves. When we know we need God, we seek Him. We reach out for God and our hearts are emptied leaving room for Him. That is the state of the heart where Heaven is looking for so that the Spirit can swoop in and fill us with His presence. If we focus on ourselves or our pain, we can miss this beautiful secret. However, if we lend our souls to our need for help from above, He will come to us. The Savior will walk with us. He will provide us with all that our hearts need because He is here and we are with Him. So, when life drives us to our knees, let us hunger and thirst for the Lord. He will send His Spirit to guide us, strengthen our bond, and walk with us through every step we take from then on.


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