Going After The Lord

Many times our attention is too easily drawn away from God. We may have our devotional time cut short by some pressing issue or dilemma that we face. It happens so much that we never realize that our time with God has been cut short or that sweet moments with the Lord are being robbed from us right under our noses. It takes a determined follower to see our tendency to focus on the world and turn away from it. It takes effort and prayer to set our sights on God above. However, for the ones who will not allow themselves to be distracted, there is a reward. For those who will press on and seek the Lord, He will give a priceless Gift. For those of us who will settle for nothing short of experiencing God for ourselves and spending our precious moment with Him, we will get our privileged walk with Him! Those who go after the Lord until they wake up to His presence will find the relationship that will be our treasure forever!

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