Stolen Moments With God

There is a certain kind of believer that has something special not everyone has. It can be detected in them like a sweet aroma or an aura of happiness. These precious ones have learned a secret that the rest of us could learn. They have learned to search out and find their moments to be with the Lord. They have become so good at what they do, that they can find moments to steal around every corner. Their days become beautiful gardens in which they can walk with the Lord in moments gleaned here and there. They are like lovers who steal any moment they can get to be near their loved ones or to see the smile on their faces. The thing about these enraptured souls is that the presence of God seems to hover around them and fill their lives with the joy that their intimate walk brings. We can learn from these devoted souls and have our Loved-One too! Let´s look for the moments we can spend with the Lord today!

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