The Shift Of Focus

It was not always this way. Long, long ago, mankind walked with God. There was a familiarity and a daily walk with Him where we enjoyed being together. Then, we chose to have something else. Ever since then, we have been choosing our own ways, our own lives, and our own pleasures. There have been and still are some who would seek to reverse where we went wrong. There are still some who stop to think, to feel, to look for what we lost. God is indescribably more than we can imagine and to engage with Him in an intimate relationship is the most fulfilling and thrilling experience available to us. Evil has done a pretty good job of hiding that from us. However, all is not lost yet as long as we still have a Savior. We can still turn. We can choose. We could make the biggest and best decision of all. We could reject the temptations that this world will give us and start seeking the Lord again. If we turn to Him, He will send us help. If we persevere, we can place our focus on God and set our hearts hard after Him. When God becomes the full focus of our lives and our day, then we will walk with God again.


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