Eternal Health

We know what foods we can eat that will be better for our bodies and let us live healthier lives. We know that exercise improves the state of our health too. Not everyone lives as healthy lives as we know we should, but at least we are aware of when we are not caring for our health. What we don´t always think about is our health that could live on once we are through with our earthly bodies. The Christian message and mission give us hope in something far more lasting than these tired old bodies we possess now. Christ Himself taught with authority and His encouragement was never limited to what we have here and now. He wanted to spark in us an interest in a different kind of life where God was with us and we were with Him. Entering a relationship with Him is what health is in God´s book. Feeding on what we can receive from the Lord, and thirsting for more of the Lord are the things that bring us good eternal health. When we become more interested in that kind of health, we will spend our days working on our relationship with the Divine. When God´s Spirit fills us, we will become healthy for all eternity to come.


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