God Instead Of The World

It should frighten us to see that even in the churches nowadays we try to have all that we want in this world and in this life. We no longer go to God and reject the desires of earth. God is no longer the one single prize that we seek. He has become just one of the treasures we want to have. Christ did not teach this to us. He warned against it. He told us that the world would try to entice us. He said that we would have to choose one or the other. In choosing both, we may get plenty of the pleasures of this life, but we will never truly have that special bond with God that marks us as His. So we cover over our disguise by calling ourselves, believers. But, it is only to make ourselves feel better. We hate the word repent. We do not see why we would have to do something so severe or degrading. What we need today is a Savior. But to find Him, to hear His voice instructing us, we will need to separate our hearts from their hidden love for this world. Pray that there are still some who would love God instead of letting their hearts go out to our current home.


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