To God Be The Glory

Sometimes our religious fervor reaches a point where we feel the need to glorify God. Perhaps He has done something for us that we are extremely grateful for or saved us from some painful situation. In those moments, it is easy to praise God´s name. In other moments we simply get caught up in the sweep of a song or a powerful sermon and want to shout amen! But what about the times when everything seems to be going wrong? In those trying times, we might not feel like glorifying God. We may even be tempted to challenge Him to take away our pain or accuse Him of making us suffer. However, if we truly do believe in God, if we have made Him our Ruler for life, then He deserves our praise always. If we give glory to God even when it is awkward or hard for us, then we demonstrate our loyalty to Him. If we praise God even when it will cost us ridicule, oppression, or strife, then we place ourselves by Christ´s side. If we will boldly press forward, lifting up our Holy One while the world unleashes all its fury upon us, then the angels who are watching will sing along with our praise and see the smile spread across the face of our Father in Heaven when He sees that we are truly His.


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