Breathless Moments With God

If we can reach a point where we are not interested in simply toying with our faith and press hard after God, we can be blessed with an awe-inspiring encounter with Him. It usually happens when we are tired of following what other professed believers are doing and saying, and we drive ourselves into an intense time of prayer. Sometimes it comes to us when we reach rock bottom, but the same season of prayer will still play its part. It may take perseverance. It may take a drastic turn away from being absorbed in ourselves. But, when it happens, when the awareness of the presence of God sweeps over us, it will shake us to the core! We will finally understand the stories of characters in the Bible and how they reacted to coming face-to-face with the Almighty. Terror will grip us at the same time as exhilarating ecstasy. It is an utterly humbling experience that comes only to souls who are already duly humbled. However, when our unlimited, unexplainable God moves into the sphere of our awareness, it completely eclipses our tiny world and makes all seem frivolous and ridiculously small. A whole new perspective is born when hearts meet God. Let´s seek our moment in the presence of the Lord!


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