God´s Presence With Us

We would think that it should go without saying that each of us should be enjoying precious moments within the conscious presence of the Lord. However, that is often not the case. Many Christians know all the doctrines and strive to live as we are taught that believers should. All the while they could go years or even a lifetime without a striking encounter with Him. They may hear stories or know people who have become aware of the presence or movement of God and sense a bit of jealousy and wish that it could be them who experienced God. What we need today is more brave people who will encourage all God´s children to press forward. We need to recognize our yearning to experience the Lord for ourselves. We each need to have our awareness quickened. We should each be striving daily to walk in hushed silence within the radiance of His presence. The Way is open to us all, step close enough to the Lord and He will open our hearts and our eyes to His immediate presence. Let nothing keep us from Him now!


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