Faith, You Can Tell

There are many kinds of faith today and it looks like they are trying to invent new ones all the time. We live in an interesting time if not a quite difficult one. Everyone is reaching out for some way to define them or label themselves somehow. We have gender issues to deal with, race, and religious ones. The list seems to grow and we might sound funny if we cannot say that we are vegan or vegetarian or some other variety of eater. If we believe in God, we open yet another can of worms. However, as complicated as it seems, it does not have to be. The closer we step to Christ, the easier it gets. The less distance we have between our Savior and us, the more of our burdens He can bare. The more of us and our lives that we can place in His hands, the tighter the bond that we have to Him. When we are with the Lord, His presence will radiate from our characters, our words, and our actions. So, let it be our walk with the Lord that defines us and all we have to worry about is how to grow closer to Him and include Him in all that we do.


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