Forgotten Truth

In Matthew 10:37-39 Jesus teaches something we often try to overlook. He makes a sharp distinction between those who choose to love Him and those whose heart leans more toward this world. He is not talking merely about the sinful pleasures of this world, but the people in it that we care the most about, like our parents or our children, our very family! We might like to downplay this truth or overlook it because it sounds way too harsh and far too difficult. As tough as this teaching sounds, it does not need to be rejected or avoided. What Christ was trying to help us see is that even our loved ones are gifts given to us by One far greater. If we could see and open our hearts to the One they call the Truth, and the Life, we would see that the giver is where our heart should be. Jesus used the words He did to show us that we can carry on loving our loved ones as intensely as we will, but that we should know that His love exceeds theirs and that we have them at all is proof of His love. So, we should be grateful for our gifts, love the Giver of All things more than the gifts He has graciously given to us, and in that order, His gifts can be what they were intended to be, and that is a sweet and thoughtful present showered onto us in love and something that ties us all closer together.


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