Empty Religion

Words cannot capture or define our limitless God. The best they can do is to lift our hearts high enough to catch glimpses of something bigger and set our hearts in search of more of Him. However, so many times we try our best to wrap God up in words and hand it to those we would convince with them. We fall back on texts, traditions, and all sorts of arguments that should help the unbelieving or reluctant hearers of the One we believe we have met. What we forget is that only God can provide or produce faith. Only the Savior can open hearts. Only the Holy Spirit can enter these hearts of stone that we have and walk us step-by-step up a narrow path towards knowing the Lord. Rather than handing our empty religious packet to others, let us rather share our love, our admiration, our adoration of the Most marvelous and wondrous God. When the mystery and the beauty of the Lord can be seen by how it has changed us, then God can move in their souls. If anyone should be moved by our faith and love, then the God they come to know will not be one of empty religion. They too can walk with Him!


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