Within Reach

It is just like our wonderful and mysterious God to place the most powerful and helpful things available to each of us, just within our reach. We do not have to be the cleverest scholars out there to figure out where we are heading or where we came from. We do not need to feel lost and unloved. The simplest and poorest of us all can easily step right to the front row with our Maker and Redeemer. In fact, it is often those with lesser means who do take the initiative and draw closer to God than the rest. If we would like to see the miraculous and stunning power of God at work in our lives and universe, improving our walk with the Lord is the key to unlocking the wonders that will blow us away. The more intimately we walk with the Holy Spirit the more He can enlighten us and display His power and love. The humblest worshipper down on their knees achingly reaching out for their Savior are the ones who will be rewarded and there is no reason that it shouldn´t be us!


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