The Only Friend

We set one foot in Heaven the moment we begin to walk through our day along with our Lord and Savior. It often happens when our scene here on earth looks the bleakest. Finally, we stop counting on ourselves, our strength, and our wisdom. It may be a painful turn for us to make. But the everlasting possibilities are more than we could ever imagine. We might try to turn to family or friends while we are still on our way down only to find that they could not help us either. Then, at rock bottom, we begin to look up. There is a light shining from somewhere just above our view. We start to listen with ears and eyes we did not know we had. Our hearts begin to do what we never let them do before when we thought we were in control of our lives. Power begins to surge and it flows from a loving and very present God. Tentatively at first, we take our baby steps leaning fully on Him. If we should continue to invest in this budding relationship, the skies are the limit. God, who is bigger than our solar systems is urging us forward in trust. The more fully we become His, the more He can demonstrate to us His marvelous intentions for us.


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