Heaven On Earth

It has become quite common to talk about heaven like it was some remote destination that we will go to in the distant future. However, if we read the Bible, we will get a completely different picture. Heaven is described as the dwelling place of God. As He has always lived, the space, home, or realm which surrounds Him is also there around Him. It might just be that He could leave it as we would our homes and return to it, but the important part is that He lives and moves freely there. We should resist the temptation to decorate it in our minds with the kind of mansions we fancy or want Him to prepare for us there. The only part we need to know is that when we make it there, we will be in the presence of the Lord. With this hope before us, the journey to our new home can begin today. Our move from this world heading for destruction can proceed from the distance we find between us and that blessed moment when we are sitting at His side. It begins with our relationship. The closer we grow to Christ, the more of our hearts and souls will be with Him. Let us get packing for the greatest journey of our lives. Let us tear our focus off of where we live now and get serious about coming closer to our Father in Heaven right now.


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