When Faith Matures

Mature faith does not refer to a person who has come to believe more fully in the doctrines of their church. It may be used that way in some circles, but it is something much loftier that lifts us into the very presence of God and lets us witness countless wonders, and reveals His movement in our lives. Mature faith is when a person becomes like Christ in the way He walked with the Father. Jesus did nothing here on earth where He was not doing it together with His Father. Our faith is still growing until we reach that stage. It is something that we will have to go after with all we have got to attain. We will need to choose that kind of walk over any other kind we could be tempted into having. We will need to prove to ourselves and unto God, that He is what we want and we are willing to give anything and everything to have that kind of intimacy with Him. The Prize stands before us. We can reach our goal. Miracles await us. It is our rightful inheritance and a chosen destination that each believer could be enjoying each day. Let´s work on our faith and our relationship with the Lord now too.


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