The Moment Of Awareness

The mighty men of old and the prophets who came face to face with an actual encounter of the realms of God were all frightened and stunned when they realized what they were experiencing. Acceptable modern thinking would rob us of the possibility of ever having our moment in the presence of the Lord or His messengers. However, there will still be a few, even in our day, who will stand in the face of the argument. They will stubbornly insist that if God has called us to seek to engage with Him, they should proceed regardless of what men will think of us. These priceless hope-filled believers will turn rather to the deep yearning in our souls to be moved and touched by the Lord. Taking steps to increase our desire to encounter the Lord in some way, will open our hearts toward that eventful day. Once the Lord is able to show His presence and His concern for us, our moment of awareness will bewilder us too! It is a thrill even the thrill-seekers could never imagine existed. And, that moment with the Lord has been prepared for each of us. It has been waiting for us all along. We can well afford to drop all our too-important issues and begin our search for the Lord! Our moments with Him await us!


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