The Distance Can Be Fixed

From the testimony of those who have used their wishful desires and cultivated them until they did eventually encounter God, it is evident that any price was well worth the effort. Anyone who has sensed the wonder and joy that being near the Lord will bring will also suffer at the slightest thought of distance that could creep in and separate us from our special closeness with our Savior. The good news is that we do not need to sit back and complain. There are many little ways we can prepare our hearts and make room for the Spirit to work. Any prayer-life can be made more personal, more direct in communicating, and more engaging. Our desire for the Lord can always be cultivated. A sincere heart can be taught to look for and yearn for Christ to the point where it begins to influence us always and keep us so connected to God that any gesture on His end will be recognized immediately. The soul who looks for it and truly desires a wonder-filled walk with God will discover for themselves many ways to overcome the hurdles and setbacks and increase their involvement with the Holy Spirit! We can become experts in searching for the presence and movements of God, and we should!


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