Finding Ourselves

Everyone seems to be searching for some way to identify and understand themselves. This new craving to name what kind of person we are sexually, politically, ethnically, or so on, could merely be a shift of attention. It might be cleverly disguised to remove any chances of any of us ever finding a connection to a loving Creator who would go even through the grave to bring us together again. The problems that come through searching to define ourselves are many. The need is great. Every soul alive needs to have something to cling to, to strengthen us, and to help us deal with the many issues that bombard us and make living today so complicated. Social media and mainstream media intensify and cultivate our thinking processes until we think we cannot live with ourselves until some reckoning is accomplished. However, there is an old, old remedy that is being overlooked. It is not a name we can give ourselves but rather a name we can turn to. If we would like to find something to cling to, we can each easily attain an intimate walk with Someone much stronger and wiser than us. Those who go after and grow close to the Savior find peace in His loving embrace. If they would search, it would be for more of Him, and in so doing, avoid the heartache of living in a world without Him.


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