Growing Up In Christ

Growing up in Christ is a term some people use which unless understood, loses its limitless power in our lives. The expression might sound as if it refers to people who knew of God when they were younger and then still adhere to a belief in Him when they grow older. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Others might think that it refers to knowing little of the Son of God at one point and then going on to form or understand our doctrines more fully. Mature faith is so much more. Growing up in faith should rather refer to people who once knew little of the existence of or the possibility of truly encountering God and then moving forward until that humble believer walks and talks with and daily engages with our Lord. The process is a miracle within itself. But, rather than being something we can speculate, the blessing comes when someone actually experiences the whole thing in personal experience. This results in the normal, everyday human being steadily developing an intimate relationship with the Divine Giver of Life. That walk they share bonds them intricately together. It is a match made in Heaven and we can only reach that kind of intimacy when we invest all we are to have it.


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