There are an endless supply of experts these days who are dying to convince us of their views on the doctrines they have learned through their studies. The content of what they are selling us could be like seeds planted that could grow up and bring us much closer to God. However, there is a clever enemy of our souls that would love to use any trick available to stunt our growth in Christ and turn our faith into something other than it should be. Rather than drawing us deeper into a relationship with the Lord or having such a close walk with the Divine that His power is displayed in our lives, we may easily rest with our grasp on fine theology. Unless any doctrine ties us closer to our Savior and lifts our attention above and away from our world, it is not reaching its potential. If ever, we congratulate ourselves for grasping or believing in some religious notion but do not see to it that our walk with the Holy Spirit is made more real and pressing, then we are missing out on the power that the doctrine should hold. Let us pray that none of our beliefs are ever held mentally satisfactory truths, but rather blessed channels through which our hearts are ushered ever closer to our Lord.


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