Neglecting The Holy Spirit

If we would know the power or the presence of the Holy Spirit in our times and in our lives, we will have to do something on our end to have it. The movement of God is the most powerful force in nature and anytime a human being can be made aware of it, it will amaze and bewilder the blessed beholder. We are privileged beyond words when our senses are heightened enough to experience the thrilling presence of God. As life-changing as those moments are, they are readily available to the poorest and humblest of us all. In fact, being emptied of self and the need to experience the presence of God are prerequisites it seems. What we cannot do though, is to tell ourselves that we should not be experiencing moments of awareness where God can be overwhelmingly felt as real as life itself. Each believer everywhere should work endlessly until there exists such intimacy in their walk with the Lord, that His presence with them is their strength and wisdom by which to live. So, let us seek the Holy Spirit with no thought of accepting anything less than to be filled with His flooding and filling presence. He is the one single Thing that we cannot go through our day without!


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