Belief In God

Step by step and day by day we take this journey from where we are and draw closer to the Lord. It is vital to our chances of finding ourselves at the Savior´s side that we make sure progress is made and that our walk with Him becomes important enough for us to invest in. Oh, so many times Christians can get caught up in the routine lifestyle of religious people and forget to give any thought to where they stand with the Lord. The enemy of our souls would have it that way. We must learn to be sharp and aware of anything that would weaken our direct personal contact with Christ or hold us at any distance from Him. Coming unto the Lord and closer all the time should be every believer´s highest goal. This is where our faith becomes exciting. The closer we grow, the more of His presence and power can be seen in our lives. Our belief then becomes much more than notions that we hold based on textual facts. It grows out of experiencing the presence and movement of our mighty God as He thrills us daily and demonstrates His wonders to our open and hungry hearts.


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