Attaining Righteousness

Righteousness is not attained through hard work or extreme desire as we often try to make it seem. Rather it radiates in our natures when we begin to walk so closely with the Lord that His presence and power can be detected. Far too often we think that we can roll up our sleeves and get to work on being better people. We may be able to look like we have changed if we start walking and talking like they teach us to in the religious community. But real righteousness is a quality that only God can have. We can gain it, but only by gaining some of Him in us. This does not come by saying the right things or acting in the right ways. Those are external actions and can be done even by people who are far from close to God. However, when individuals truly are filled from the inside with the very Spirit of God, His righteousness will shine through. The Way to get that kind of goodness and love in us is by growing so close to the Lord that we live in Him and He lives in us! So, let´s work on our walk with Christ today!


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