Opening The Gates Of Heaven

Some can indeed walk through this life with the assurance that one day they will be ushered into the presence of God in Heaven to dwell with Him. It is how to get there which brings such varied and heavy debate. Even while we believe that faith is where the true test is, many still tinker with their lives trying to be better people in the hopes that our actions will count and we will be found pleasing in God´s sight on that deciding day. One thing that conservative Christians and liberals all should agree upon though is that without investing in our relationship with the Divine, our chances of being found in Christ on that day are slim. Those who invest little in the Lord should not think that they will be among those who invested everything they could have had on earth into their relationship with Him. Likewise, those who are trying to gain all that they can out of this life here on earth should not suppose that their success is proof of their walk with God. God is not gained by winning any or all of the treasures of the earth. He is the fairest treasure and the only one without end. But gaining ground with the Lord is done only by coming to know Him more and more every day.


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