The Wrong Things

A few generations back when life was not run by so much technology it may have been easier to see how dependent we really are on God to take care of things that are out of our hands. Some years we had good rains and good crops. Diseases or pests could easily creep in and damage or destroy while we had limited means with which to combat them. Storms could sweep through, and famines and droughts too. Those who came to know God knew and could see quite visibly when He moved and how His arms carried us all. Everything has changed now. We can think we have come to faith in God, but because we control the climate in our houses and cars, because we do our shopping regardless of the weather outside, and because we trust our healthcare systems, we simply will not even wonder how much of a part God has played in carrying us through our day. We might even begin to accept the notion that the only way He may help us get through our day is to strengthen us or lift our moods when we struggle with a personal issue. We are completely wrong. God is still here and He still provides it all. The only difference is that it is harder for us to see. Let us turn and seek the Lord again!


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