The One Way

Life is full of decisions. Often it is the many, small choices that we go through that lead us in the direction we are heading and will decide where our lives will eventually go. We tend to give more importance to the bigger decisions. If we do not feel like we are facing any of those at any given time, we rarely stop to consider how we are going about those decisions or where they are all leading us. We get lazy in our thinking for the lack of importance we give them. Take snacking for example. It is only a small candy or some chips, so we think little of it. But, put these insignificant treats together through a lifetime and we could eventually become out of shape or be fighting off the pounds. The way we deal with Christ is like that too. He called us to make more of Him than our families or earthly lives. (Matthew 10:37-39) Pray that we will turn again to the Lord with enough emphasis and perseverance that He truly becomes our heart´s desire forever!


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