Closer Than We Think

If we do not seek to be right where the Lord is moving powerfully inside of us, then we don´t have to expect that He will. However, if we do get that worked up over whether or not we are seeking Him and His movement, God is ready and has been waiting to display His love for us. Expectation is a funny thing because it is like a secret key that unlocks so much of the Kingdom of Heaven yet we often overlook it. God has not hidden Himself from the children He dearly loves. We have removed Him though almost entirely from our expectations. We have listened to the world far too long and now we are beginning to think that the Lord is far away from us. But God is not far from any of us. Any distance at all between God and us has been allowed to grow there in our hearts by us. The good news is that if we will change, the barriers we have created can be torn down again. We can return to God, like the Israelites of old. We can make God important enough to seek with our whole hearts. God will move again in our hearts and in our times. Let us push ourselves to seek Him until the Lord is free to move again!


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